Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[ENG] 120821 Hangeng in Kangxi Lai Le (Taiwan talk show)

MC: 韓庚很會喝酒 可以喝到天亮 直接去開演唱會 (韓庚:演出之前)

MC: Hangeng is really good at drinking wine,

can continue drinking when sun rise up and go for a concert

(he can non-stop drinking before go on a performance)

- Talk about his life in Korea -

韓庚: 19歲去到韓國 22歲出道 訓練兩年半出道

Hangeng: 19 years old.. went to Korea, 22 years old.. debut

has training for two years and half

訓練兩年半就能出道是很快的 我比較幸運點

Hangeng: Debut after training for 2 years and half is really fast to some of people

and I was just very lucky

韓庚: 從早上10點開始就有課(學韓語) 一直到晚上8點 8點到10點是自習時間

At that time, I don’t know Korean language, from morning 10am

will have Korean lesson, till night 8pm

and 8pm to 10pm is self-study; As usual

韓庚: 每個月有四千塊人民幣零用錢 存起來 寄去給父母

Each month will have 4 thousand RMB (yuan) of pocket money

I will save it and send those money to my parents

韓庚: 2001年12月 SM公司去北京選人 打電話給韓庚 希望他能去面試

Year 2001, December, SM Entertainment went to Beijing to find trainees

a manager saw me, then I write down my phone number to him,

after they called me, wish I can join the audition

- Talk about he’s leave from Super Junior and his feeling -

韓庚: SORRY SORRY一出 正好是SJ最好的時候 而我剛好退團

網上很多人說我忘恩負義 狼心狗肺

After Sorry Sorry released, Super Junior are the best (most popular)

at that time while I was leave the group, so there are many people

said I’m an ungrateful person, also cruel and unscrupulous

很多人質問我: 你離開SUPER JUNIOR 你什麼都不是了!

Many people interrogated me: You are nothing after leaving Super Junior!

MC: 你自己也擔心嗎?

MC: Did yourself also worry about it?

韓庚: 我當時自己已經想的很清楚 如果我真的出來 大家也沒有說支持

會沒有比以前好 我有可能去做一個舞蹈老師 做一個舞蹈培訓班 去做我的本行

Hangeng: At that time, I already think clearly, if I came out (personally)

everybody are not support, also said I’m not better than before

Maybe I will be a dance teacher, to have a dance training class

to do my previous things which i liked (main: dance)

韓庚: 但是他們一直這麼說 一下子 就把我的鬥志給激出來

我說: 那我一定要(做)給你們看看 把第一張專輯出了 還有演唱會 慢慢的到今天

Hangeng: But they keep saying that (you are nothing after leave SJ,

you can’t do even better than before… etc)

Suddenly, excited out of my fighting spirit

I said: I should do it for you guys to see, then I released my 1st album

and also hold the concert, slowly (doing those things) till today

- Talk about how many girlfriend Hangeng have during 28 years -

Hangeng: have 3 girlfriends, one with four years


We trans it for those ELF who want to know what / how he’s doing ..

VIDEO: 康熙來了 2012-08-21 pt.5/5 韓庚 大S







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