Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[ENG] 120828 I Love JK MC Ken interview with Sungmin and Ryeowook (Part 2)

MC Ken: Hows the feel when hold the mic and start to being a DJ for the radio?

MC Ken: Will you feel nervous? (Ryeowook’s heart is beating)

Sungmin: No! Not feeling nervous at all. Of course, I have learn from Ken

At that time, we take turns for being DJ, so I have learned the skill from that time

Now seems no have to be nervous at all (MC Ken: Great!)

Ryeowook: I’m being so nervous for the beginning

Sungmin: that’s right, Ryeowook feel so nervous

Ryeowook: After being DJ for a long time, it feels just like chatting with a friend

use this kinds of style to run the radio, and I will be more relaxable

MC Ken: I remember that time Eunhyuk and Kiss The Radio (DJ Leeteuk and Yesung) has been call out during the same time.

How about next time i also call out to you guys when on the radio?

Sungmin: Yes, that’s right! , Ryeowook: Not good

MC Ken: Not good? Why? , Ryeowook: I’m kidding

MC Ken: Now SUPER JUNIOR come back,

did you guys often play SJ’s song on your radio?

Ryeowook: We often play our song, and we will also sing live on the radio

the audiences are like it because can hear many songs, especially of SJ’s

 (Suddenly there have flies, Sungmin help Ryeowook to shake it away)

Sungmin: Because our radio sometimes are bora (can be watch)

then we will also dancing on the radio program

MC Ken: Did you guys know that SJ-M are going to be in Taiwan on September?

Sungmin: Of course! , MC Ken: Expect?

Ryeowook: I heard there are many fans waiting for us

So now we are already being prepared,

thinking what songs gonna sing for everyone, hope everyone can expect it!

MC Ken: How about when you guys meet a guest that didn’t talk much?

Sungmin: First, I will turn on the music, when music is playing and

I will chat with the guest, then the guest will open his/her heart

Then we will be natural like a friend on the radio program

MC Ken: Have any interesting, funny or unforgotten things that

can share with us when being a DJ on the radio?

Ryeowook: Inside our SM have a new group call EXO-K,

the other one EXO-M are having schedules in China, their first radio is on

our Sukira, although this is the 1st time for them but they can handle well

And also there are many fans coming to radio, outside the radio are so crowed

Sungmin: And I remember that we hold an open concert

but unlucky that it’s raining, we are worry about can we continue doing

thinking how many people will come? But at last, there are more than 100 people

Even though, it’s raining there, (fans) still wear the raincoat and hold umbrellas

waiting us in from of the stage, it’s really… such a great memories

( Words that wanna say to Taiwanese fans )

Ryeowook: Taiwanese friends, I love you

Sungmin: We are going to there on September, (September 08)

everyone just have to wait a little more

we will give the best song, best stage and best performance

when we meet on September, and show you all, just keep waiting for us

CAP+TRANS BY: @TaiwanLuvSJ - twitter

Video from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMR4sIxJryY Cr.aKyufan



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